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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog Roll

I hate how blogspot doesnt have categories for you to search other blogs to read, that "next blog" button didn't really help me so I looked through some blogs I have on my favorites. It's sorta sad that most of the blogs I read/used to read don't update regularly or hardly at all, so here are a few that are current to somewhat current:

1) Broke Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website: "You are young broke and beautiful." Tell me you haven't heard of him. :] Check out his San Francisco section and you'll be sure to find cheap/affordable thrills and eats throughout the city as well as anything else interesting that has to do with SF.

2) The Daily Nugget: Fun, somewhat factual, somewhat newsworthy "news" that happens in san francisco. you'd be surprised to know that there was a dead body found in Golden Gate Park and this guy even has a map for it!

3)Street Fancy: A fashion blog with photos of different street fashions in places like San Francisco and New York. I don't consider myself a fashionable person, but I do appreciate looking at people's "in" styles and outrageous outfits.

4) Read my mind: I love her music choice. This is more of a personal blog of someone I don't really know at all, but her blogs are interesting. What first attracted me to her site was her blog on asian plastic surgery. Scary. yes. I didn't think double eyelid surgery was so damn popular in some asian countries and it's damn sad that they find western beauty more appealing.

5) Postsecret!: it was on blogspot so i figured it was a blog. who hasn't heard of it? :] I look forward to every Sunday just so I can read new secrets. It's comforting and amazing when you find a secret that you can relate to and that there's someone out there who feels exactly like you.


Blogger Sarah said...

Postsecret is fascinating! I'll have to check out that post about plastic surgery -- I think the popularity of plastic surgery probably says something interesting about "authentic" selves vs "performance selves."

February 24, 2010 at 8:32 AM  

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